Black Pigeon Studios Michigan's new Movie studio

Black Pigeon Studios Michigan's new Movie studio opens in walker, MI


Corey Blackman

1/16/20231 min read

Black Pigeon Studios is a film, television, and photo production studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The studio is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a wide range of services and amenities to creators and producers. With 3600 sqft of space, it bridges the gap between Hollywood and West Michigan

One of the key features of Black Pigeon Studios is its Cyc-Wall Production Studio. This is a large, open space that is perfect for shooting films, television shows, and commercials. The Cyc-Wall is a unique feature that allows for a seamless, infinity-curve background, which is ideal for creating a variety of different looks and effects

In addition to the Cyc-Wall Production Studio, Black Pigeon Studios also offers a wide range of other services and amenities. The studio is equipped with the latest and greatest in lighting, sound, and camera equipment, making it the perfect place to create professional-quality content. The studio also has an on-site studio manager and crew members available to assist with projects. Whether you're shooting a small commercial or a large-scale film, Black Pigeon Studios has the resources to help you create your best work.

Black Pigeon Studios is a creative hub built by the creator, for the creator. The studio encourages creativity, and supports the idea of creators and producers to create amazing content using the finest equipment. This studio is not just a rental space, it is a place where creators can come together, collaborate and share their ideas, and work together to create something truly special.