Hiphop Cover Art

Chilla Pertilla breaks down the art or Mixtape covers.


Jeff johnson

1/13/20231 min read

According to Chilla Pertilla, "The word mix indicates randomness and an unsystematic blend. You are not creating a mix of songs; you are making a calculated selection. Plus calling it a mixtape adds a nostalgic sense of romanticism since nobody really uses tapes anymore."

Mixtape art-work is a crucial aspect of the mixtape culture. "It centers around the role of the mixtape and cassette culture in the lives of the contributors, which stands as a testimony to the importance of the medium starting in the late 1970s to its relevance today.

Chilla Pertilla states, creating a mixtape is not about making a random mix of songs, it's about making a calculated selection. Mixtape art-work plays a one of the most important roles in the Hip hop culture. It can be used to confess love, admiration or to expose an acquaintance to new and underground music.